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Nov 30, 2012 10:30pm EST
that this is up to the syrian people after the fall of the assad regime. the nature of the syrian revolution has no discrimination against any minorities. this is why we do not have any fear that specific actions will be taken against minorities, against christians. we do not forget at the same assad -- if you are the assad regime, but it belongs to the alawites. if you are made specific group within the alawite community, you are investing in the civil war. there is a fear about the future of the alawite community. since many from the community, they played a role killing other syrians for money, for support from the security forces. but we are committed to the syrians for all. we are proposing within the opposition a program called a transitional justice that can assure all the minorities to be a part from syria -- in 1956 the prime minister, the majority of the christians. a minority of the minority. even that as he became prime minister for two terms. the muslims have 4 seats in parliament and this supported his positions. in syria we did not have a history of civil war. many changes in the
Nov 30, 2012 8:00pm EST
of the assad regime. the syrian revolution started as a peaceful revolution, from march 2011 until september 2011. until september, more than 4200 has been killed in these peaceful demonstrations, with the systematic killing machine of the assad regime. in september, some army officials who refused to open fire on their brothers or fellow citizens decided to form what is called the free syrian army. this free syrian army played a role, from september until december, in defending and protecting the peaceful demonstrations in different areas. with the troops and attacks from the regime, that encourage the free syrian army to play a role in trying to get an offensive role, to allow more protection to the syrian people. that increase of the airforce from the regime -- that left the free syrian army more responsibilities to protect and defend the syrian people. we see the terminology, of the syrian revolution changes the dynamics from peaceful demonstration. the creation of the free syrian army played a defensive role. the free syrian army became the heroes of the syrian people, and the only way
Dec 3, 2012 8:00pm EST
president assad that there would be consequences if he were to use chemical weapons on his own people. this marks 20 years since russia and the u.s. agreed to secure weapons in the former soviet state. leon panetta introduces the president at this event. >> thank you. [applause] midafternoon. senators, distinguished guests, ambassadors and officials, thank you all for being here today. i am honored to be able to participate in this symposium marking the 20th anniversary. let me thank the university for their great work in organizing today's conference. it has been a day to reflect on the successes that have been achieved in non-proliferation over the past two decades through the program, and it has been a particular honor to be when the company of senators whose leadership has made this possible. we can stay the course of history change for the better because these men helped the nation confronts the threat of nuclear proliferation at the end of the cold war. the world would have been a far more dangerous and threatening place were it not for these patriots. earlier this afternoon i w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3